About San Ignacio & Santa Elena




The beautiful twin towns of San Ignacio and Santa Elena comprise of the second largest urban area in the county of Belize. The 2010 Population Census show that San Ignacio and Santa Elena had a population of 16,977 inhabitants.  This is a 31% increase from the 2000 census which showed a population of 12,986 inhabitants.

 San Ignacio and Santa Elena officially became a town in October 1904.  The twin towns are separated by the Macal River and the only suspension bridge in Belize, the Hawkesworth Bridge, which was built in 1949 by the then British Colonial Government.  

The strategic location of the Twin Towns makes it an ideal site for numerous activities including major sporting events, business and social events such as the popular Farmer’s Market, religious events, and public events. The unique topography of the town makes it very popular with international as well as local tourists. It has become a melting pot for cultural diversity where neighbouring communities and villages meet to trade agricultural produces and goods.  Located at the foothills of the Maya Mountain and just upstream of the confluence of the Macal and Mopan Rivers the twin town is ideally situated to be developed around its natural beauty. It also hosts the largest urban road network within the country which largely contributes to booming tourism activity.  Considered as the hub of trading and inland tourism,