Mayor Message




                             Message from the Mayor


I greet you on behalf of our San Ignacio and Santa Elena Town Council.

It is pleasure to have served you for the past 3 years as Mayor of our beloved twin towns of San Ignacio and Santa Elena. I thank you for having giving me this opportunity.

Born and raised in San Ignacio, it has always been my desire to see our twin town transformed into a shining beacon of community spirit, neighborly goodwill and economic prosperity for all. It is desire that has propelled me to lead a life of service to you. I stand committed to the uplifting of our home town, my birth place and my people. I truly value the support from you, the residents of San Ignacio and Santa Elena, provided as we together, transformed our twin towns.

The combined efforts of your San Ignacio and Santa Elena Municipal Councils, your Area Representative, and your Government have ushered in a boom of urban development. The progress in our towns is evident. Our team has fulfilled its mandate to improve infrastructure, which has beautified and uplifted the standards of our twin towns, as a result. Our municipality is now the number one inland tourist destination in the country.

San Ignacio and Santa Elena Town Council aims to build on this success and we pledge a higher level of transparency, dedication and interaction that has been the hallmark of the last term. Our action plans boasts of projects that will continue to transform the physical infrastructure of our twin town. It also places renewed emphasis on the socio- economic development and safety of our communities.

Let us work together to continue improving lives.