Portfolio of Mayor and Councillors





                                                             PORTFORIO OF MAYOR AND COUNCILLORS FOR 2018 – 2021



Mayor Earl Trapp        (Mayor)          Financial Management, Budget, External Relations, Municipal Services, Development Project, Business, Development and Tourism                                                                                                                                                                            

Bernadette Fernandez                         Senior Citizens Welfare, Patriotic Events, Market Management, Cemeteries and Administration

                                                            Deputy Mayor for period March 2018 – February 2019


George Boiton                                   Streets, Sanitation, Drainage Upgrade and Traffic Management

Shary Medina                                    Cultural/Special Events, Public Relations and Media and Civic Pride Initiatives

Jeaneane V Neal                                Women Affairs, Recreational Planning and Development

                                                            Education and Child Friendly Municipal Initiatives

Mark O’Brien                                     Youth and Sporting Events, Beautification of Parks and Playgrounds and Public Health and Environment

Nick Singh                                        Community Safety and Neighborhood Watch Groups and Public safety