SI & SE CAB Members




                              CAB Members:

Lea Gonzalez President

Daniel Mejia Secretary Communication Officer

Nejia Rivas Vice President  

Adrianna Medina  Former Vice President

Brianna Hyde Former President

Leimany Pott- Former Secretary Communication Officer

Kyle Mercado

Daniella Mejia

Melva Dawson

Halie Bell

Lisa Bell

Jonathon Yacab

Kathryn Velasquez

Jadah Popper

Jimmy Chulin

Dyshawn Diaz

Keelin Lewis

Kerwin Flota

Kyah Flowers

Lindsey August

Tristian Roberts



Membership must include and does include the following persons (respective departments and/or stakeholders):

  • Rapporteur: Ms. Jeaneane V. Neal for the Municipality (who acts as Chairperson)
  • Cayo Welcome Centre Director: Mr. Burns Salazar
  • Traffic Department: Mr. Emil Pinelo
  • Police Department: Crpl. Jason Jones, WCrpl. Sheena Jones, and Crpl. Ciriaco Medina
  • Liquor License Board: Councilor George Boiton
  • Youth Department: Ms. Morecia Gentle
  • NGO: Mr. Anwar Juan & Ms. Celine Neal (Rotaract Club)
  • Three representatives from civil society: Ms. Kelsie Gentle, Mr. Rhon Rosado, Mr. Ricardo Roches
  • Child Advisory Board (CAB) President: Ms. Lea Gonzales
  • Three technical officers from the municipality: Mrs. Violet Yorke Roches, Ms. Kamil Neal & Mr. Dorian Enriquez.
  • Church: Mr. Anthony Mangar
  • Mayor Earl Trapp Jr. (when invited by the CAB)


(CAB meets at the Cayo Welcome Centre conference room every six weeks, on a Thursday; TMSC meets once EVERY three months with CAB)