Market Department

                                               MARKET DEPARTMENT:



The San Ignacio/Santa Elena Farmers Market is located in Downtown San Ignacio. The original farmers market was a collection of tents and small board structures that were erected around the then Coronation Park. A new ferro- concrete structure was constructed in 2010 with funding from the European Union, This new market has a total of 15 stalls which are leased to residents and neighbouring villagers.

Residents of the Twin Towns and the surrounding communities have a fresh supply of agricultural products on a daily basis. The market has attracted a large number of entrepreneurs and has now become a central area for the sale, bartering, and supply of a wide range of products. These include farm products, a wide variety of food, clothes accessories, household supplies, tools and equipment’s, and many other products. The market days are Fridays and Saturdays.  On Saturdays there is a addition 140 venders who come to sell a wide array of products.

The San Ignacio/Santa Elena Town Council is currently embarking on a project with the financial assistance from the Caribbean Leader Economic Development Project (CARILED). The project aims to further enhance the San Ignacio/Santa Elena Farmers Market through the implementation of: permanent awnings, construction of food courts and display stands.