Property Tax

                                                       PROPERTY TAX

Property Tax is an annual fee which is due April 1st of each year and should be payed  to

The San Ignacio/Santa Elena Town Council on LEASE AND PAYED Property.

 The assessment fee is determined by the rateable value of the property.

The Town Property Tax Act Chapter 65 of the laws of Belize states that the ‘OWNER’ of the property includes the person having the management or control of property or having the collecting or receiving of rents, issues or profits thereof, a part owner, and a lessee from the Crown or from a local authority

All properties, including dwellings are assessed by reference to the market rental values.  This means that a trained valuation officer, values your property at the market rental value.  The property is then assessed by the valuator on the actual rents in the area where the property is located.   In the case of a vacant/empty lot, the property is assessed based on the market value of the lot.  When assessing the property the valuator takes into consideration any feature which influences the market value such as: location, condition of building, type and size, architectural design, parking area, garage or other buildings on the property.  He may also consider making allowances for lack of facilities such as indoor bathroom,\electricity etc.

When residents pay their property tax they are contributing towards the cost of service and infrastructure provided by the council.